Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hi Honey! I'm home!!

Wow what a trip. Chicago is so much fun! Probably would have been better had I not worked, but hey, who am I to complain when worked paid for me to stay at the Swissotel!

Myself and 3 of my coworkers went in for some training so we could learn how to implement this big conversion we have coming up. Actually the program is pretty cool and I'm looking forward to working on it. But enough about work, and onto the fun stories!

The first night there we wanted to find a steak house. The concierge wrote down the name and address of a steak house not far from where we were staying, however we couldn't read his handwriting. After walking around for a bit trying to follow the tourist map of the Magnificent Mile we were unsuccessful at finding this so called steak house, so thought we would try the 676 Restaurant and Bar. The brochure SAID it was American & Italian food. Boy did we fall for that one!

The place had things on the menu like "curdled goat cheese". We paid for our drinks and left. We ended up at Hoolihans which was great! Should have stopped there to begin with, had a few drinks and headed back to our rooms.

The next day at work, 'T' was having trouble with her work badge and the hispanic security guard flirted his fool head off with her. Then later 'M' wasn't able to get in with her badge, and yet a different security guard flirted his fool head off. But the best was when 'B' asked a guy where our CEO's office was in the building. He gave her the information, turned around and walked face first into the glass doors! He goes "oh...hehehe...cough" and walked through the door rather than into it this time. We were all trying to keep from cackling, however I think the attempt was futile. To make matters worse, when we were trying to leave for the day, I'll be damned if he didn't get on the elevator with us to go down! He had a big goose egg on his forehead, proceeded to rub it when he saw us and announced that he was new to the building. None of us would look at each other in the elevator so we didn't bust up laughing again.

The next night after work we went to Connie's Pizzaria. They were pretty good and our waiter was excellent. After dinner we all headed back to the Swissotel, put on our swimming suits and headed up to the 42nd floor for swimming and the hot tub! The view was spectacular! We had every intention of watching the Wednesday night fireworks over Navy Pier, however a massive thunderstorm blew in and after three fireworks, they shut it down....I'm sure it's difficult to light fireworks in pouring rain.

I went to bed after the hot tub time (soooo relaxing you know!) however a couple of my coworkers decided to hit a bar...they looked a bit rough this morning when they arrived at work Glad I decided to hit the sack, they apparently didn't get back to their rooms until WELL after 2 am and had to be at work by 8.

Overall the trip was really fun, very informative and I made some new contacts for issues! Glad to be home, and that the house isn't falling husband was, but he's better now.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy 3rd Blogiversary Harvey!!

My Grandpappy Harvey is celebrating his 3rd blogiversary today! In honor of my favorite elder, I remember when you wore this shirt to the feminist convention to show your softer side!

Survey Says!

Well...the long awaited results from my surgery are finally in. After playing phone tag with the doctors office for 3 days, the pathology report says I have a (drum roll please)......


A what?!?!

Apparently it's a type of tumor, non malignant (which is great!) but the doctor wants to see me again shortly to make sure he got it all, otherwise he'll have to go back in. blech....

On a positive note, if he does have to do a second surgery, I'll get more darvocet!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Estrogen Time!

What a great day. On Saturday I got together with Tammi, TNT, Richmond and Teresa. We had a great time! We talked, laughed, told stories, laughed some more, drank, ate, and laughed!

Here are a few things I learned this weekend.
  • Tammi considers herself pasty white, but still has a better tan than I do
  • Richmond carries not one, but TWO tape measures in her purse, along with funny looking gloves, several pens but surprisingly NO BANDAIDS
  • Teresa, who is a NURSE also did not have any bandaids
  • TNT is not (contrary to popular belief) a serial killer
  • Richmonds' girls took very good care of Clone
  • Clone tried to convince me he could go swimming naked with the girls....he is so his father's son
  • Apparently the 5 of us together at a Mexican restaurant makes new waitresses nervous
  • The night was much too short, we HAVE to do this again!
Looking forward to our next time together, and then some!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Tonight for the first time EVER in my own home I get to take a SHOWER!

**happy dance**

The lump that should not be

So I had my mystery lump removed yesterday, and it was about twice the size the surgeon expected it to be. 1 1/2 inches long, 1/2 thick and deep. He's not sure what it was, but he's pretty certain it wasn't the cyst he fortold.

They sent the thing off to be biopsied and I should know tomorrow what it was.

Now to the funny part of the story. So they take me in to have the lump removed and ask me if I would rather sit up or lie on my stomach. I told them stomach would be the best as I tend to get woozy around needles. So I lie down on my stomach and they proceed to cover me up with about 15 towels and 4 blankets. Now, I don't know how many of you have had a surgery before but the keep it rather chilly in the operating rooms, but I wasn't cold to begin with, so adding all of these covers on just made me start to sweat.

The local injection was by far the worst! They sting like hell and just keep right on burning even after it's supposed to be numb. So there I am, draped in an entire closet full of towels and blankets, burning up when I have a huge wave of nausea. I'm trying to tell the nurses they need to uncover me because I have sweat busting out all over the place but they can't hear me!

I cough and squeek out "HOT!! GONNA GET SICK!!"

Finally they take all the blankets and towels off of my and I swear my body temperature dropped by 25 degrees! Then they ask "were you hot?"

ya think?

All went well, and I headed back to work after the procedure. Aside from being a bit sore, I feel GREAT! oh wait....maybe it's the Darvocet he gave me! :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paper Towels

So T1G had put up a post a while back about the Mom who smiles as she cleans up the kids mess from the ball of rubber bouncy bands, and asked the question "Who does this?"

I for one can honestly say 'NOT I'

But the post reminded me of a story about Boopie. He was 7 at the time and I went up to use the restroom. Shut the door and sat down to do my business. Something is different about the bathroom but I just can't put my finger on it....WAIT! There is writing on the back of the bathroom door!

After finishing my business I go to check out what has been written, and it stays "BOOPIE WAS HERE!" in huge letters. So, I call him upstairs and confront him on the writing.

Him "I didn't do it"
Me "Well then who did?"


Him "Elderspawn!" Boopie a look like he's smoking something....

Me "Elderspawn is 3 years old! He can't write, and why would he write your name on the back of the bathroom door?!?! If you are going to pick a scapegoat, at least pick one that can WRITE! Now, go get an eraser and clean this up!"

It was incredibly difficult to not laugh outloud at his response, but I did good. I did NOT however, smile and clean it up for him.

Anything like this ever happen to any of you?

Time to gripe now!

I was supposed to have my "minor surgery" on Monday. The doc advised me he wasn't able to do it in the office and therefore has scheduled me for outpatient surgery tomorrow at the hospital. Oh.Joy.

How inconvienent...

I have every intention of going to work tomorrow morning and heading back to work once the procedure is done. I figure it'll be numb for a few hours and I can get some things done. I'll let you know how it goes. I hope they give me a happy pill to calm my nerves before they start! :)

Where General Contagion fears to tread....

There is a bug going around the that the Gordon's Hornet and Wasp Killer from Farm and Fleet CANNOT KILL!
I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of it....but I lost the battle and have been bitten....


Perhaps you remember my post regarding this menace. While at Farm and Fleet today to invest in some more offensive and defensive home protection implements in case a rebellion arises I found myself in the paint and wallpaper isle. Somehow, I'm not quite sure what happened as it was all a blur, I found liquid wallpaper remover and a wallpaper scoring tool in my hands while walking to the checkout!

I thought "I should put them back" but I coudn't. My hands would not let go, it's like they were stuck there screaming in my head (at least I hope it was in my head) BUY ME!!

Now they sit in the bag with the home defense tool, yelling at me to get busy! I've decided to ignore them for now...but I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold out!

The next thing you know I'll be buying primer, paint and rollers! For the love of God help me!!
Coupons for these products are welcome :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

On upcoming events

If you read my husbands blog, you may have noticed that I have to go on another business trip for work soon. Thankfully they pushed it back a week. Why am I thankful for that? Well, here's why:

The trip into Chicago was supposed to be the week after next.
For the past month we have been aware this trip was coming.
We were told "no, don't make reservations, we'll do it for you"
no one made reservations for us to stay....
No hotel's available for the conference
commuting back and forth everyday
Up at 4 am, not home until 9 pm....

Since they moved it back a week, we were all able to get hotel rooms for the conference!
Sooooo much better.

I have a feeling that even though I will have 3 traveling companions, that the three of us will probably not hang out much. One has a higher than mighty attitude, and I know I would have to adjust it (not good for work, so better to stay away). Another has 7 children at home and I fully expect her to be on the phone with them constantly, and the third will probably spend most of her time fixing her makeup and kissing up to Ms. Higher than Mighty.

My plan is to swim in the pool and enjoy the bar, alone if I have to. I am SOOOO Ok with that.

I want a clone

And no, not the clone I birthed...I need a clone of me. I have decided that I would much rather stay home and clean house than go to work, however, I like the paycheck, so if I clone myself, I'll make the clone go to work for me, while I stay home.

The catch is, I would have to have complete control over my clone....

Just my random thought of the day

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Road trippin....across the USA

Wow...5 hours one way to Quincy for my business trip. Not that long in the scheme of trips, but my business partner and I discovered a fatal flaw in our MapQuest Directions....THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS FROM ROCKFORD TO GALESBURG! Doing the pee pee dance while trying to drive can be amusing, yet dangerous.

Stopped for lunch at a Steak and Shake and had the worst waitress EVER.
Her "Would ya'll like sumthun ta drink?"
Us "Yes please, an iced tea and a coke"
Her "alrighty then, I'll bring em riiiight back"

15 minutes later after flagging her down

Her "Did ya'll need sumthin?"
Me "Yes we ordered drinks and are ready to order lunch"
Her "Oh! yer drinks! I furgot. I'll run gettem riiiight now"

5 minutes later returns with drinks

Her "Here ya go, ya'll ready ta order?"
Me "yes .... "
We proceed to order the exact same meal, which takes another 20 minutes to receive. In the meantime, sitting next to us is a family that I can only describe as "special". It was a Grandmother, mother, son (whom I believe was mildly retarded) and the son's wife, who looked about 15 years his senior. No one in the family has any teeth, and the son has an ENORMOUS Hickey on his neck! Seriously, he had to be in his late 30's or early 40's. It was nasty...Especially considering his wife (who looked in her 50's) had no teeth, which just puts a nasty image in your mind of them having sex....*shudder*

Finally after an hour of being there, dealing with the family if inbreds and the dumbass waitress, and her getting the order WRONG, we flee vowing never to go back.

The remainder of the drive went rather smoothly, only got lost once, a minor 30 minute detour in the wrong direction (stupid signs not being marked clearly!) and arrived at the hotel.
SCORE! Hotel has two pools, a hot tub and a sauna! Spent the evening in the hot tub and slept like a baby. Of course had to go to work the next day, but learned a lot, then went out with a few girls from work for dinner and drinks. The restaurant we went to make excellent Apple martinis and I indulged in 3 of them. After getting back to the hotel and relaxing in the hot tub again, slept very well.

Went in for a few hours this morning to finish up yesterday's lessons, and left at around 11:30. Nothing to report on the drive home, but it was much like Tammi's trip to Iowa a while back... corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, OH LOOK A COW! corn, corn, corn....

Glad to be back, but admittedly it was nice to get away for a few days :)

The house is still standing

I'm back from my lovely business trip to Quincy, Illinois, and miracle of miracles the house is still standing. I'm rather impressed, he did better this time...maybe I should leave town more often!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm not dead

Sorry for the lack of posting. Been an extremely busy two weeks but things are starting to fall into place and hopefully will be evening out soon.

Had to take Boopie to a podiatrist yesterday, he had FIVE PLANTARS WARTS on the bottom of his feet! We tried the effect. We tried the over the counter wart killer....nothin. So, I went to a foot doctor and watched as he carved them out of the bottom of his feet (well, two of them anyway) and then lasered them to stop the bleeding. I was very impressed with the way Boopie handled the entire procedure. We go back in two weeks to have the other three warts on the other foot removed.

Found out yesterday that I will be going to Quincy Illinois next Monday and will not be home until Wednesday afternoon/evening. Nothing like last minute travel plans!

I have a lump on my left shoulder that I have to have surgically removed and biopsied on June 12th. They said they don't THINK it's cancer, so I'm keeping my head up that it's just a benign cyst or something.

Boopie starts flag football on June 10th! I'm really happy he decided he wanted to actually get out of the house and DO SOMETHING this summer. Usually it's playing video games inside. Sports are good for him, and will help him build self esteem. Hopefully he won't be crushed by other boys his age who are twice his size.

Anyway, thanks to the two people who still visit my site :)