Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Road trippin....across the USA

Wow...5 hours one way to Quincy for my business trip. Not that long in the scheme of trips, but my business partner and I discovered a fatal flaw in our MapQuest Directions....THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS FROM ROCKFORD TO GALESBURG! Doing the pee pee dance while trying to drive can be amusing, yet dangerous.

Stopped for lunch at a Steak and Shake and had the worst waitress EVER.
Her "Would ya'll like sumthun ta drink?"
Us "Yes please, an iced tea and a coke"
Her "alrighty then, I'll bring em riiiight back"

15 minutes later after flagging her down

Her "Did ya'll need sumthin?"
Me "Yes we ordered drinks and are ready to order lunch"
Her "Oh! yer drinks! I furgot. I'll run gettem riiiight now"

5 minutes later returns with drinks

Her "Here ya go, ya'll ready ta order?"
Me "yes .... "
We proceed to order the exact same meal, which takes another 20 minutes to receive. In the meantime, sitting next to us is a family that I can only describe as "special". It was a Grandmother, mother, son (whom I believe was mildly retarded) and the son's wife, who looked about 15 years his senior. No one in the family has any teeth, and the son has an ENORMOUS Hickey on his neck! Seriously, he had to be in his late 30's or early 40's. It was nasty...Especially considering his wife (who looked in her 50's) had no teeth, which just puts a nasty image in your mind of them having sex....*shudder*

Finally after an hour of being there, dealing with the family if inbreds and the dumbass waitress, and her getting the order WRONG, we flee vowing never to go back.

The remainder of the drive went rather smoothly, only got lost once, a minor 30 minute detour in the wrong direction (stupid signs not being marked clearly!) and arrived at the hotel.
SCORE! Hotel has two pools, a hot tub and a sauna! Spent the evening in the hot tub and slept like a baby. Of course had to go to work the next day, but learned a lot, then went out with a few girls from work for dinner and drinks. The restaurant we went to make excellent Apple martinis and I indulged in 3 of them. After getting back to the hotel and relaxing in the hot tub again, slept very well.

Went in for a few hours this morning to finish up yesterday's lessons, and left at around 11:30. Nothing to report on the drive home, but it was much like Tammi's trip to Iowa a while back... corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, OH LOOK A COW! corn, corn, corn....

Glad to be back, but admittedly it was nice to get away for a few days :)


Anonymous Shadoglare said...

Starrrr Trekkin' across the universe!
On the starhip Enterprise, under captain Kirk!

Er... anyway, sounds like a really craptacular drive. Probably a nice break in the, monotony though...

11:31 PM  
Anonymous og said...

Hey, email me at mhardig at aol dot com. I got some news for you about those grips.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous vw bug said...

reminds me of trips across florida. Look cows.. cows... cows... cows... oh wait, a horse... cows... cows... Glad you got away. Nice to have you back.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Ogre said...

The hotel called. They wanted me to remind you that you're not supposed to sleep in the hot tub.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Teresa said...

A hint when stopping to eat at Steak and Shake in the cornfields of Illinois (we spent 24 years trekking back and forth to St. Louis used to stop at the one in Bloomington)... park and use the restroom - go back to your car and use the drive thru! Eat in your car, go back in to wash your hands if you need to. You will be MUCH happier. Trust me. *grin*

9:34 PM  

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