Sunday, May 07, 2006


Sometimes you get some news that your brain can't grasp, so you sit and ponder on it for a while, hoping you will come to a conclusion on how you are supposed to feel. This happened to me yesterday, and today I am still confused on how I should feel.

On one hand I am happy because I know that this news is good for others, but on the other hand, I am incredibly the point I wish I could cry, but no tears will come. Maybe it's because I spent many years of my life crying everyday so that now, it just doesn't come easily to me anymore, or perhaps it's because I think that crying would be a selfish thing for me to do and I don't want this person to think I'm upset with her because THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

After everything, I have come up with this....THANK YOU Tammi, for being my friend, my blogmomma, my confidant, my shopping buddy and for many other things I have failed to mention. I'm a better person for having met you in person.

On a bright note, I guess I'll be "forced" to visit Florida more frequently now than once every 10 years!


Blogger Tammi said...

Ahh sweetie....I just finished a little cry and then read this.

You have no idea how much I will miss you. You have become dearer to me than I can say.

And you bet your sweet ass you better get down there to visit. You really don't want me to come up here!!!

7:45 PM  
Anonymous t1g said...

Great post, Ktreva...

7:48 PM  
Blogger KTreva said...

I'm thinking beaches, sun and Tammi! What more could I ask for!

5:21 PM  
Blogger Tammi said...

Don't forget the manicotti. I "WILL" cook for you - no matter where I live. ;-)

8:02 PM  
Blogger Contagion said...

Did you have to talk about the first three years of our marriage!?!?! You promised you wouldn't mention the crying again!

Yea, me Florida... That'd be like sticking a fork in a microwave.

8:20 PM  

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