Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm not dead

Sorry for the lack of posting. Been an extremely busy two weeks but things are starting to fall into place and hopefully will be evening out soon.

Had to take Boopie to a podiatrist yesterday, he had FIVE PLANTARS WARTS on the bottom of his feet! We tried the effect. We tried the over the counter wart killer....nothin. So, I went to a foot doctor and watched as he carved them out of the bottom of his feet (well, two of them anyway) and then lasered them to stop the bleeding. I was very impressed with the way Boopie handled the entire procedure. We go back in two weeks to have the other three warts on the other foot removed.

Found out yesterday that I will be going to Quincy Illinois next Monday and will not be home until Wednesday afternoon/evening. Nothing like last minute travel plans!

I have a lump on my left shoulder that I have to have surgically removed and biopsied on June 12th. They said they don't THINK it's cancer, so I'm keeping my head up that it's just a benign cyst or something.

Boopie starts flag football on June 10th! I'm really happy he decided he wanted to actually get out of the house and DO SOMETHING this summer. Usually it's playing video games inside. Sports are good for him, and will help him build self esteem. Hopefully he won't be crushed by other boys his age who are twice his size.

Anyway, thanks to the two people who still visit my site :)


Blogger Caltechgirl said...

My dad had a cyst in about the same place, and it was nothing, so I'm hoping yours is too.

Ugh about the warts. Keep his shoes and socks on, poor kid.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Carmen said...

Yuck - I had planter warts once but I was able to get rid of them with the over the counter stuff.

Poor guy!

2:45 PM  
Blogger Richmond said...

Hey, I hope that you all get good news/results from the doctor.

(And I had a bump removed last fall from my right hand and it was fine...) I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Tammi said...

You know you're in my thoughts! And see - 4 comments!! You got more than 2 people!!!!!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous vw bug said...

The advantages of a newsreader. I only pop over when it shows me you posted!! I hope you get good news from the doctor as well. Have fun traveling!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous t1g said...

I'm not commenting or wishing you the best, because that would throw your count off...

It just looks like I did... ;)

8:18 AM  
Blogger TNT said...

Not commenting, too, but hope the biopsy goes okay!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Ogre said...

NOT the comment!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

9 comments = 2 readers

Apparently you have the opposite problem from Mr. "This is 6 inches!" Contagion :-)

8:47 AM  
Blogger Ga Mongrel said...

Hey, I'm a tenth of a reader!

9:34 PM  
Anonymous madman said...

and im a eleventh reader, two readers my A*s

4:39 AM  

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