Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hi Honey! I'm home!!

Wow what a trip. Chicago is so much fun! Probably would have been better had I not worked, but hey, who am I to complain when worked paid for me to stay at the Swissotel!

Myself and 3 of my coworkers went in for some training so we could learn how to implement this big conversion we have coming up. Actually the program is pretty cool and I'm looking forward to working on it. But enough about work, and onto the fun stories!

The first night there we wanted to find a steak house. The concierge wrote down the name and address of a steak house not far from where we were staying, however we couldn't read his handwriting. After walking around for a bit trying to follow the tourist map of the Magnificent Mile we were unsuccessful at finding this so called steak house, so thought we would try the 676 Restaurant and Bar. The brochure SAID it was American & Italian food. Boy did we fall for that one!

The place had things on the menu like "curdled goat cheese". We paid for our drinks and left. We ended up at Hoolihans which was great! Should have stopped there to begin with, had a few drinks and headed back to our rooms.

The next day at work, 'T' was having trouble with her work badge and the hispanic security guard flirted his fool head off with her. Then later 'M' wasn't able to get in with her badge, and yet a different security guard flirted his fool head off. But the best was when 'B' asked a guy where our CEO's office was in the building. He gave her the information, turned around and walked face first into the glass doors! He goes "oh...hehehe...cough" and walked through the door rather than into it this time. We were all trying to keep from cackling, however I think the attempt was futile. To make matters worse, when we were trying to leave for the day, I'll be damned if he didn't get on the elevator with us to go down! He had a big goose egg on his forehead, proceeded to rub it when he saw us and announced that he was new to the building. None of us would look at each other in the elevator so we didn't bust up laughing again.

The next night after work we went to Connie's Pizzaria. They were pretty good and our waiter was excellent. After dinner we all headed back to the Swissotel, put on our swimming suits and headed up to the 42nd floor for swimming and the hot tub! The view was spectacular! We had every intention of watching the Wednesday night fireworks over Navy Pier, however a massive thunderstorm blew in and after three fireworks, they shut it down....I'm sure it's difficult to light fireworks in pouring rain.

I went to bed after the hot tub time (soooo relaxing you know!) however a couple of my coworkers decided to hit a bar...they looked a bit rough this morning when they arrived at work Glad I decided to hit the sack, they apparently didn't get back to their rooms until WELL after 2 am and had to be at work by 8.

Overall the trip was really fun, very informative and I made some new contacts for issues! Glad to be home, and that the house isn't falling husband was, but he's better now.


Anonymous Teresa said...

LOL - never let someone write directions for you - always have them dictate them to you so you can write them - unless your own writing is bad. ;-)

Sounds like a great time, especially for a work thing. What fun.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Army Wife said...

sounds VERY fun, but really we want to know who flirted with you, although this T person must be a hottie...

a hot tub on the 42 floor....what a wonderful treat!!

Hope you came home to a standing home...

11:33 PM  
Anonymous vw bug said...

Welcome home to the blog-o-sphere. Sounds like fun and hope that it made up for the insanity you saw when you got back home. Unless you were lucky enough for it not to be insane. ;-)

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Oddybobo said...

Hey! we are thinking of doing a kid-friendly blog meet - you in? See my post from yesterday . . .

3:33 PM  

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