Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thanks for the years!

I have been a bit busy, but I wanted to post on this. Last Friday at work was my Supervisor's last day. She was retiring after ..... uh.... A LONG TIME of working for our company. She announced to all of us quite vehemently that she DID NOT want a big ta do when she left.
"if you insist, we'll respect your wishes" we lied said.

Me being me, I promptly began planning her retirement party. This woman has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST supervisor I have EVER had at any company that I have EVER worked. There are people at work who don't like her because she was A) Blunt, B) Honest and C) Hard to read. I on the other hand like that. Don't sugar coat crap when you are trying to give me feedback. If I screwed up tell me. I always knew that if I went to her that I would get a straight an honest answer and I SOOOO respect that!

Oh yeah...back to the point of this post. My Supervisor (who I will now refer to as S) LOVES the Rockford Icehogs. She buys season tickets every year and goes to nearly every single game. She had mentioned to me once that as much as she loves the Icehogs, she refuses to buy one of their jerseys because they were just too expensive. I tucked that away in the back of my mind for future reference, so when the whole retirement thing came up I knew EXACTLY what to get her. I sent out an e-mail to our unit and told them that I wanted to take up a collection for an Icehogs Jersey, and that between all of us it would only run $10 a person. Everyone was game and the quest was on.

I decided I needed a partner in crime for this, and went to a friend of mine, BB. It just so happens that she is ALSO the daughter of S. I told her what we were doing and asked if anyone in her unit would be interested in going in on it as well. She had a better idea. She contacted a guy she knows with the team and made arrangements to have S's favorite player Robin Big Snake come and deliver the jersey to her on her last day!

We planned this for nearly a month, and with the exception of a late arrival, things went off without a hitch. She was shocked, surprised and incredibly happy! He signed her jersey for her, and we even had enough money left over to give to her so that she can get it customized for #19 Big Snake himself! He was incredibly gracious and so happy to do this for us. S really deserved this, and I'm so glad we were able to pull this off! We will miss you S!

Thanks Robin! GO ICEHOGS!!


Blogger Tammi said...

I was wondering how that turned out. YEAH! What a very cool send off.

Ya done good.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Oddybobo said...

How wonderful!

9:15 AM  
Blogger That 1 Guy said...

That's very cool. You done good.

And Big Snake is a badass... got to watch him pummel the crap out of someone at one of the games. Excellent.

6:23 PM  

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