Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wolf Park checklist

Tomorrow is the big day...we head out to the Wolf Park for a weekend of fun and relaxation... for the most part anyway. It's gonna be COLD so I've comprised my own checklist to make sure I stay warm.

1) HOT HANDS - check
2) 3 Whitney wool blankets - check
3) Wool socks - check
4) Green Bay Packers Hat - check
5) Gloves/Mittens - check
6) Whitney wool capote - check

If that doesn't keep me warm, then I think I'm outta luck. I am packing as if I am going to a Packer game at Lambeau in December AND for a winter re-enactment. I am a teeny tiny bit excited

I need this sooooo much. I love my kids, but it's really hard when your entire identity becomes "mom". I would just like to be a wife and a woman, without someone clinging to me shouting "MOMMA UP!" By this time tomorrow night we should be drinking with a few friends.


Blogger Richmond said...

I soooooo wish I could have been there too.....

Oh, and tag. :)

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

Wish I would've read this before Saturday so that I could've spent the day saying "MOMMA UP!" to you :-D

1:31 PM  

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