Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Work Rant

Allow me to begin by saying this: The position that I am jonesing for has not yet been posted at work so I haven't been able to set up my interview yet. On that note...since that position has not yet been filled, there is a team of 9 of us who, in addition to your regular duties, have to pick up the slack and have been assigned additional duties. Of the 9 of us, there are 4 who are considered the "core" group, myself (yay me!), B, C and D (believe it or not those really are their initials). As the "core" group we are required to review all of the new responsibilities and determine the action that needs to be taken on each one.

There are memos that need to be updated, and computer assist guides that need to be maintained, and Memo's from our corporate office on situations that need to be implemented...basically it's a full time job on it's own (the old person in this position used to work 50-60 hour weeks to get it all done). The core group has been given 2 hours a day....none of which can't be done on overtime. Now...remember all of this has to be done during our regular 8 hour day, in addition to our regular duties. I am really gung ho about this and am enjoying every minute of it! Perhaps I'm a bit too excited as it appears I pissed off a peer today.

We have a new program that is coming online next Monday. There are three people in the entire office who have this program as they were testers for it when it was still in the pilot phase. Of those three, I am one of them, so when the situation arose that this program needed to be rolled out to the unit, my supervisor asked me to help. Another peer was given the responsibility of fixing the old memo showing the old program with information from the new program. It was decided by the core group that I could provide her with screen shots of what this new program looks like. NO PROBLEM! I set about after our morning meeting on making screen shots to give to my peer, while B from the group informed her of our plans to update the memo.

She apparently misunderstood what B was trying to tell her and proceeded to be pissy about the whole thing. She tossed the memo's that she is supposed to update on my desk and said, "here, you'll probably need these." and stormed off. I thought it odd as I was the one who gave her the flippin' memo's to begin with, but uh...ok. I checked with B to see what had happened since she was the one who talked to her. She apparently thought *I* was taking over, and was mad about it. Playing ignorant, I asked her if something was wrong, to which she replied "no" in a very curt manner. Now to be perfectly honest, I have enough on my plate right now that I don't need to take on her additional duties too because he decides to throw a fit. The only way she was going to get the screen prints of the new program was for me to provide them to her...she doesn't have access to the program!

Now tell me if I was out of line here, but I took the initiative and called the Program Guru and asked him if he would be willing to do me a favor. He said of course he could, and I told him to give my peer access to this new program "because she wants to work with it prior to implementing the program so she knows what she is doing". Hell, she already told me that "NOTHING WAS WRONG" so I'm going to treat her that way. I announce to her that the Program Guru was kind enough to give her access to his new program to test it out before she implements it, and that way, she can get all of the screen prints that she needs to rewrite the memo.

She continued to be very persnickety with me for the rest of the afternoon, but I wouldn't let on that I knew anything was wrong. I would continue to talk to her and smile and said a sickeningly sweet goodbye to her when she left for the day. I thought I did a really good job of not showing my irritation, when what I really wanted to do is to tell her is to grow up, this is not flippin' high school and do her damned job!


Blogger littlejoe said...

I would've probably just told her to piss off.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Ogre said...

And I'd have told her with a 2x4.

6:18 AM  

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