Friday, February 03, 2006

"DER" Moment of the week

A “DER” moment is what I like to call it when you do something so dumb, all you can do is stand there and say “DERRRR”. A friend from work and I came up with this statement more than a year ago, and somehow it has stuck.

Anyway, I had a really big “DER” moment this week. We have secret buddies at work, where twice a month you buy a little gift for your buddy and usually you give it to someone to deliver for you. On Monday, I went to Target (Tar-Jay if you will) to purchase a small gift. My husband needed a couple of items as well, and since we were there we picked those up too. When checking out the cashier bagged his items in one bag and put my buddy gift in another. I thought to myself at the time “how handy, now I don’t have to move stuff around in the bags, I can just give her the whole thing!”

We head back to work and I leave my buddy’s gift in the car, as I was going to have it delivered by someone after I had already left for the day. Right as I was getting ready to leave for the day, I headed out to the car and grabbed the bag of stuff, and gave it to someone to deliver for me, then my husband and I headed home.

The next day, my husband asks me where his bag of stuff went. “You took it into work with you” I said, “you must have left it there.” He proceeded to inform me that all he took into work was 2 bags of candy that he had bought and that he had moved his other purchase into the other bag….THE OTHER BAG??? Oh crap, I’ve just given my secret buddy a Care Bear, and a container of Men’s Gillette Shaving Cream!

Naturally my husband, being the loving, kind and sensitive human being that he is proceeds to laugh at me…perhaps laugh isn’t the right word….he LAUGHS MANIACALLY at me, while I stand there, eyes wide and my jaw open wondering how the hell I am going to explain to my buddy that the shaving cream was a mistake and that I’m not trying to say “damn, girl you need to shave!”

Going into work the next day (by now it’s Wednesday) I approached the person I had asked to deliver the “gift” and explain my predicament. She too begins to laugh at me, but assures me that she will speak with my buddy and explain the situation and get it back for me. True to her word, she came by my desk later and returned my husbands shaving cream. What have I learned from this? Always check your bags before giving them away, lest you want to tell someone they are a hairy bastard!


Anonymous Bou said...

Oh My Lord! That is hysterical! I would oh so do something like that. It's a Mom thing. I really think it is.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous og said...

I'm a hairy bastard. I don't offend easily, thank god.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

I'm sure she could've found some hair to shave off SOMEWHERE :-)

10:43 AM  
Anonymous T1G said...

"Always check your bags... you... hairy bastard!" (Hey, you said it...)

Good thing Og doesn't get offended easily...

5:02 PM  

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