Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's a me Meme!

My husband decided he needed to “pop my cherry” and hit me with my very first meme. YAY! I guess this means I’m not a virgin anymore *snicker*.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:


Floral Designer

Alarm Dispatcher

Claims Technician

Four Movies I could watch over and over and have:

The Color Purple (it makes me cry EVERYTIME!)

Dances with Wolves; Directors Cut

Starship Troopers

LOTR Trilogy, extended versions (but I usually don’t have the 13 hours to sit and watch in sequence)

Places I’ve Lived:

Wichita, Kansas

Rose Hill, Kansas (graduated from high school here, and plan on never going back!)

DeKalb, Illinois (Mahn I hate this town!)

Rockford, Illinois

Four TV Shows I love to watch:



House Hunters

Plastic Surgery; Before and After (my husband hates it when I watch these shows)

Four Places I’ve been on Vacation:

Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri

Disney World/Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida

Cripple Creek, Colorado (probably one of my favorite vacations from when I was a kid)

Lake Texoma on the Texas, Oklahoma border fishing and camping. This is where my Mother caught a 15 pound carp that tried to eat her fingers!

Four Websites I visit Daily. (full of lots of cheesy games that require NO thought whatsoever)


The (need to make sure I have all of the updates and to see when the new expansion is coming out….it’s a sickness)

Blogs – I wish I could list them all, but it’s better if you poke around on my sidebar.

Four Favorite Foods:

Mexican Manicotti (both hot and mild, my NEWEST favorite!)

Filet Mignon

Baked Sweet Potatoes with brown sugar

My now famous Bread Pudding in a Whisky Sauce

Four Places I’d rather be: I agree with Contagion that this is rather vague, but I know my one honest answer.

Not at work

Not at work

Not at work

Not at work!!

Four people I’m passing this onto:

My Blogmomma Tammi, because it’s probably my only chance to tag her with something!!

My newly adopted Blogdaughter Virtue

My Blogsister TalulaZephyr, BECAUSE I CAN!

And finally, Wes of Bodhran (drum roll) Please! Because I think he is in need of something to post about hehehehe!


Blogger Wes said...

Thank you sooo much...
Really. ;^)

8:32 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

BTW, it's "Bodhran (Drum) Roll, Please!" :^)

8:34 PM  
Blogger KTreva said...

Oh details, details. You get the picture!

8:48 PM  
Blogger Caltechgirl said...

Wow, not even up aa week and already a parent! Good job :)

10:35 PM  
Blogger Tammi said...

You are sooooo grounded young lady!

(but I'm thrilled you liked the manicotti!)

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

Actually, Virtue's already your blogniece, so no need for adoption :-)

10:24 AM  

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