Wednesday, August 29, 2007

T1G is abandoning us all!

Since I'm pretty sure that TIG won't have much room to take many things with him on his move to California, but I thought these few little trinkets could always be carried with him.

First and foremost, he is my beloved Big Brother, and we will miss him dearly.

BUT, just as a reminder of the other things you might miss:

CLONE and the Cheesy Poofs!

Great local football with front row seats!

And of course all of your wonderful friends!

It's just won't be the same without you here, but I wish you the best of luck...and I mean that! Besides, I need you to scout out fun places* to go while you are in California so the family and I can come and visit! Stay in touch, or I might have to ask you to assume the position again!

*By fun places, I do mean "family friendly fun" not just "drunken fun" or "strip club fun".



Blogger That 1 Guy said...

Thanks. A bunch. Know that you guys will be thought of constantly, and that there is always a place for youse, here.

Believe me... I'll do my best in scouting, too!

7:13 PM  

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